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Consent Form:
Authority to Provide Veterinary Care in your absence

Please be aware, this is a legally binding agreement between you, and the Old Mill Vet Equine Service. Upon submitting this form, you agree to the terms and conditions of the form, including but not limited to:

  • The payment terms for services provided for your horse(s), incl. the time period in which it will need to be paid back.

  • Financial limit for care (capped dollar value) allowable per horse, or, allocated to specific horses. In the event you cannot be contacted. Everyone has unique financial circumstances, for this reason you will need to specify the maximum dollar (AUD) value allocated to each horse, or, a total figure overall.

  • The name of the person(s) who is authorized to make decisions on your behalf, in the event you cannot be contacted. This person, or person(s), will be referred to as the "agent". The agent assumes full responsibility for decisions made on your behalf (as your representative) when you are absent and not contactable.

  • Authorization for the Old Mill Vet Equine Service Representatives to make decisions for your horse(s) in the best interest of their welfare, this includes euthanasia.

  • In the event of humane euthanasia as recommendation for your horse(s), we will always attempt to contact you via phone or in writing (via text message, email, facebook messenger, any mode of communication conducive to elicit a response from you). If the horse(s) condition is "stable", we will allow up to 12 hours for a response, in the event your horse(s) condition is "unstable" we will allow up to 15 minutes for a response before proceeding with the euthanasia of the horse(s).We will attempt to call you at least three times, we will attempt to send you an email and/or text message, however if we do not receive a response within the specified timeframe above we will assume you have authorized the humane euthanasia of your horse (on the premise you have read and consented to this agreement/form) and you will be liable for all veterinary/burial/removal costs of the horse (This could exceed the total dollar amount allocated to be spent on the horse).
    Examples of incidents where our judgement may determine euthanasia as the only humane outcome; 
    *A horse with colic, colitis, encephalitis, tick paralysis; who is non-responsive to treatment, or the owners budget does not permit treatment to be provided; with clinical signs indicating worsening of condition, where surgery or intensive medical management isn't possible (logistically or financially). *A horse who presents with a fractured limb, where surgical intervention is deemed unviable.
    *A horse whose condition warrants euthanasia based on the expert clinical judgement of the Old Mill Vet Equine Service.

  • In the event the agent(s) who are authorized to make decisions on your behalf; do not agree with our clinical judgement, the agent(s) reserves the right to seek an opinion from another veterinary practice; in turn, we reserve the right to withdraw our interests in providing veterinary care, you (the owner) are liable for costs associated with examination and treatment of the horse regardless. We will provide you an update in writing, in the event the agent(s) does not agree with our clinical judgement and seeks a second opinion or fails to comply with recommended treatment.

  • In the event of your horse requiring referral to a specialist facility for medical management or surgery, or in the instance we cannot provide veterinary care for your horse(s), we will not assume this liability for you, it will be your responsibility to contact/authorize treatment by another vet/veterinary service.

  • Whilst we make all efforts to ensure availability 24 hours, 7 days per week - this is not guaranteed, and we would always recommend registering your details with another veterinary practice in the instance we cannot attend an emergency. We will not provide compensation in the event we cannot attend to your horse in an emergency, by completing this form you are consenting to us providing treatment for your horse(s) as the "nominated veterinary practice", unfortunately, we cannot absolutely guarantee our ability to attend due to the variable nature of Veterinary Practice.

  • We may request you leave some form of security such as credit card information, or, a deposit (fully-refundable if not used) in certain circumstances. We will advise you if this is required prior to confirming our agreement to this contract/form.

Consent Form: Authorization to Treat in Your Absence

In completing this form, you are authorizing the OMVES to provide veterinary treatment for your horses whilst you are absent, for this agreement to be valid you must complete all fields as listed below.

Thank You for your submission.

If you do not receive written confirmation from the Old Mill Vet Equine Service within 48 hours, please contact us. This consent form is not valid unless OMVES have agreed and acknowledged the terms of the consent form.

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