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Excellence in Equine Dentistry

Specialist & Referral Services,  
Performance & Routine Dentistry, Radiology & Extractions

We are proudly renowned for providing an exceptional Equine Dentistry service to the region, for over 18 years our team led by Dr. Slade Walker BVSc (Hons) MANZCVS (Eq Dentistry) provide a comprehensive service to all horses, with each horse receiving a full health exam, complete oral exam (after flushing the mouth and using a high-powered dental light source) and a complete dental procedure. We record the weight of each horse (our porta safe stocks are equipped with scales), and provide horse owners with a digital copy of their horses full dental record.

Our primary Equine Dental Vets, Dr. Slade & Dr. Emily, have completed post-graduate qualifications and CPD in Equine Dentistry, and are equipped to consult on the more complicated and referral level cases, as such, we accept referrals from fellow veterinary practices and welcome horse owners who are seeking a second opinion on their horses dental health.

What is considered a complicated or referral level case?

  • Molar extractions

  • Fractured tooth extractions & Pulp-exposure treatment (pulp capping, etc)

  • Diagnosis, treatment and ongoing management of EOTRH patients (equine odontoclastic tooth resorption hypercementosis)

  • Sinus infections (requiring surgical flushing, or, medical management)

  • Dental & Sinus X-rays

  • Failure to thrive or weight loss investigations, Suspected "head shaker syndrome" cases, Horses "behaving badly" under saddle, and higher level performance horses whose performance is suboptimal (dressage, eventing, show-jumping, reining and race horses for example).

Whilst we are renowned for seeing the "weird and wonderful" cases, we love nothing more than visiting our patients and clients for their horses' routine wellness examination and dentistry procedures, for horses with good genetics and well-shaped dental arcades this is usually an annual visit, but for other horses with dental disease or higher-maintenance dentition, their appointments are sometimes on bi-annual and nine-monthly revisits.

What can you expect from your horses' routine dentistry visit?

  • A full health examination (heart, lungs, eyes, mucous membranes, body condition score, skin, genitals) and their weight recorded (using scales).

  • For most horses, the use of sedation allows us to perform a comprehensive dental examination and performance float & balance of the dental arcades (this is the dental procedure itself).

  • A comprehensive intra-oral examination, your horses mouth will be flushed to remove feed, and we will use a high powered light source to visually examine each tooth and the integrity of the soft tissues within the oral cavity, this also provides an opportunity for you (as the owner) to see the inside of your horses mouth.

  • A full dental procedure (performance float & balance), where floating of sharp enamel points and balancing of the arcades occurs, in youngsters - the removal of wolf teeth and any retained deciduous premolar caps (baby teeth) is common practice at the same visit, and for other potential issues identified (such as periodontal disease, fractured or diseased teeth) we evaluate, monitor and create a plan with the owner of the horse.

  • In addition to the health examination, for geldings and stallions we take the opportunity to perform a sheath clean whilst they are lightly sedated, this is an essential part of the health exam for the horse to ensure there's no abnormal lumps or bumps which commonly go unnoticed in these hidden areas.

  • Upon conclusion of the dental visit, you will receive an electronic copy of your horses dentistry record - with all clinical notes, recommendations, the horses weight, and a listing of any other medications given or vaccinations/wormers administered at the time of the visit. We send email and sms reminders for convenience, to let you know when your horse is next due for their prophylactic health appointments.

How do I book my horse in for a dental?

It's super simple, you can fill-out the online contact form, you can send us an email, or give us a call/send a text message (within business hours). One of the team will be in touch within 1-2 business days (however, it's usually the same day we'll get back to you).

What are the payment options?

We accept cash, we carry a portable eftpos machine for card payments (*excl. AMEX), you can perform a direct-transfer into our account (this must be at the time of the visit) and we also accept VetPAY.

  • Under no circumstances do we offer private payment plans, and we do not offer accounts.

  • Payment for services must be made in full at the time of the service provided.

  • For direct transfers into our account, we require remittance/the payment receipt for the transfer.

Can I have other services performed at the same visit? 

You sure can! We encourage our clients to treat their horses dentistry visits as an opportunity to discuss and investigate all aspects of their herds' health. Combining additional services at the time of your horses wellness/dentistry visits is not only convenient, but is also a more cost-effective way of keeping up with the essentials for your animals.

Here's a few examples of common services performed at the same time as routine wellness/dentistry visits.

  • Tetanus & Strangles Vaccinations (Equivac 2in1), Hendra Virus Vaccinations (Equivac HeV), Herpes Vaccinations (Duvaxyn EHV)

  • De-Worming (We keep our vehicles stocked with a range of recommended wormers)

  • Faecal Egg Counts

  • Routine Blood Tests (Biochemistry & Haematology Profiles), Cushings Blood Tests (For Equine PPID), Insulin Testing (For Insulin Resistance)

  • Pregnancy Testing & Follicle Scanning of Mares (Using our portable Ultrasound)

  • X-Rays (Farrier X-Rays, Progress X-Rays for ongoing issues, Kissing Spine X-Rays)

  • Microchipping

  • Surgical Procedures (Such as lump removals, Cancerous skin tumours such as sarcoids and squamous cell carcinomas)

  • Small Animal Vaccinations (Such as Dog vaccinations, Cat vaccinations) & Litter Vaccinations/Microchipping

Where can I book to have my horses dental done?

  • On-Property Visits: Our team can visit your horse anywhere within our service area, whether that be at your home address, agistment property or whilst your horse is at the trainers.

  • On-Property Group Visits: Have a group of friends with horses? Having multiple horses at the same property is an effective way to reduce costs, in some instances we can offer a bulk-horse discount when owners arrange a group booking with six or more horses.

  • At-Hospital Visits (You come to us): You can float your horse into our purpose-built Equine Hospital, this is a convenient option for early or late appointments, and is a cost-effective way to eliminate travel fees associated with on-property visits.

General & Emergency Care Services

Limited Emergency Availability Outside of Week Day Hours

We offer a range of routine to emergency veterinary services, we're available for dentistry appointments, vaccinations, pre-purchase examinations, lameness examinations, routine reproductive services & all the general emergency care such as visits for colic, choke, eye complaints, wounds, etc.

Our small team values our clients and their horses, whilst we do offer an emergency service within and outside of normal hours, we only offer this service to pre-existing clients within a 30km radius of our Veterinary Practice, this is to ensure we can offer the best possible individual care to our wonderful patients and clients. We also offer the option of clients floating their horses into our facility for emergency treatment or general veterinary care to be provided.

General Consulting Hours are 9:00am until 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

Outside of these times is After Hours, and Surcharges for Visits apply.

Call 0400661447 for all emergencies, at all hours

For routine appointments please contact us between 8:00am until 5:00pm on weekdays via phone, email or text message

Excellence in Diagnostic Imaging

Digital DR Xray - Ultrasonography - Gastroscopy - Upper Airway Endoscopy

We've kept up with the growing advancements in Equine Veterinary Practice with the latest modalities in Radiography, Ultrasonography and Endoscopy.

- Digital DR Xray (completely mobile)
- Ultrasound for reproduction  & tendon scanning

- Upper Airway Endoscope & Gastroscope for gastric ulcers

Surgical Services

Castrations - Hernia Repair - Dental Extractions - Sinus Surgery - Caslick Procedures

Our team provide a full range of surgical services for horses whether it be in the hospital or in the field.
Castrations - Can be performed under a standing sedation and nerve blocks, or, typically under a full general anaesthetic.
Hernia Repair - Generally horses are admitted into the hospital for these procedures and are kept in hospital for the following five days to ensure no post-op complications arise.

Dental Extractions & Sinus Surgery - These procedures can be performed in the field or in the hospital, our team use the most modern and successful techniques to ensure optimum comfort for the patient and faster recovery times.

Caslick Procedures - For mares with pneumovaginal conformation a Caslick procedure is often the most effective method of reducing the complications of this condition, this procedure is easily performed in the field or in hospital.

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