Emergency Care Services

Available 24/7

Our Vet's and Technician's are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week to assist you and your horse when you need help most.
We provide emergency care for colic, choke, wounds, acute lameness, eye injuries and all general medical emergencies.

Call 0400661447 for all emergencies

Excellence in Equine Dentistry

Specialist & Referral Services,  
Performance & Routine Dentistry, Radiology & Extractions

We're the home of Dentistry Done Properly with all our Veterinarians having post graduate qualifications and training in Equine Dentistry. We perform dentistry out in the field or in the hospital - our portasafe stocks equipped with scales and all our dental equipment ensure your horse the best experience for their dental procedure every time!
Our Equine Dental Veterinarians
Dr Slade Walker BVSc (Hons) MANZCVSc (Equine Dentistry)

Dr Emily Mabbott BVM&S

Excellence in Dermatology

Allergy Testing - Desensitizing Vaccines - Specialists Onsite

We're excited to provide a completely dedicated Equine Dermatology Service on the Northside of Brisbane with Dr John Hutt BVSc (Hons) CertVD MANZCVSc DACVD (Specialist Dermatologist) who has a special interest in horses located in South East Queensland. To book your horse in with Dr John simply contact the Equine Team to arrange your appointment. Dr John typically consults from the Equine Hospital on Saturdays and some week days by prior arrangement.

Excellence in Diagnostic Imaging

Digital DR Xray - Ultrasonography - Gastroscopy - Upper Airway Endoscopy

We've kept up with the growing advancements in Equine Veterinary Practice with the latest modalities in Radiography, Ultrasonography and Endoscopy.

- Digital DR Xray (completely mobile)
- Ultrasound for reproduction  & tendon scanning

- Upper Airway Endoscope & Gastroscope for gastric ulcers

Surgical Services

Castrations - Hernia Repair - Dental Extractions - Sinus Surgery - Caslick Procedures

Our team provide a full range of surgical services for horses whether it be in the hospital or in the field.
Castrations - Can be performed under a standing sedation and nerve blocks, or, typically under a full general anaesthetic.
Hernia Repair - Generally horses are admitted into the hospital for these procedures and are kept in hospital for the following five days to ensure no post-op complications arise.

Dental Extractions & Sinus Surgery - These procedures can be performed in the field or in the hospital, our team use the most modern and successful techniques to ensure optimum comfort for the patient and faster recovery times.

Caslick Procedures - For mares with pneumovaginal conformation a Caslick procedure is often the most effective method of reducing the complications of this condition, this procedure is easily performed in the field or in hospital.

Our Services

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0400661447 (For all routine and emergency calls)

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