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Protocols & Forms

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Afterhours and Emergencies Protocol

Step 1 | Please call or send a text message to 0400 661 447 

Step 2 | If we cannot answer your call straight away, it is important you leave the following information:

Leave your full name, your location, a brief description of the issue and a phone number to return your call or message. 

Important - we do not return missed calls or text messages without the above information.

Allow 30 minutes for a response, sometimes we cannot reply straight away - especially if we are attending another emergency or out of mobile phone reception.

Try calling again after 30 minutes, and if you cannot reach us, we would suggest trying to call another practice in the region for assistance.

This can sometimes occur if we're in the middle of handling another emergency

☑️We encourage you to send photos (or if appropriate, videos) of the issue you've noted with your horse, for example:

if your horse has a wound, send a photo along with your message; we can often provide comprehensive advice or suggestions over the phone, and, even save you the cost of an afterhours visit in many situations.

Please ensure you follow the above protocol, this allows us to prioritize and respond to your request as quickly as possible.

Please do not repeatedly dial and hang-up, if your call cannot be answered by us straight away - there is usually a reason: failure to leave your name, location and description of the issue will result in no return-call.

Please do not call Afterhours to make a routine booking or request non-urgent advice. This includes "time sensitive" bookings such as a Pre purchase Examination.

Payment for Afterhours services is required at the time of visit, we do not offer private payment plans, and we do not send accounts. We reserve the right to withhold providing services if payment cannot be provided at the consultation.


Consent Form: 

Authority to Provide Veterinary Care in Your Absence

Going away for the weekend? Travelling abroad for work or holidays?

If you're planning to leave the care of your horse(s) to someone else, it's important that we receive written authority to provide Veterinary Care in the event you are not reachable/contactable, or, in the event of a time critical emergency requiring an immediate decision.

Please complete the following electronic authorization form (it's super quick and easy), and we can provide care in the event you are not reachable. 

Even if you're a longstanding client of our service, its important to have a plan in place when you're leaving the care of your horse(s) to another person.

3/12/22 - This form is not yet available


Consent Form:

Vendor (Seller) Statement Pre purchase Examination

3/12/22 - This form is not yet available


Consent Form:

Routine/Elective Surgical Procedure (Equine)

3/12/22 - This form is not yet available

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